With more than 40 years of expertise in the international market, we are a company with 100% of national capital and with a new trend of import and distribution of raw materials

We know the importance of raw materials for the food, cosmetics and sanitary industries. That’s why we care every day to work with our partners to find solutions and alternatives in a personalized way.

That is why we have a research and development laboratory designed to create differentiated and innovative products, always aiming at the satisfaction and innovation .

We offer a variety of raw materials from international suppliers, which are selected after a rigorous evaluation and quality control criterion, thus ensuring the continuous supply of an increasingly extensive product line and Appropriate to meet all the needs of our customers.

“Through our technological expertise and constant investments in innovation, we seek to provide a variety of raw materials, high performance ingredients, aligned to market trends and supplying the needs of our customers”

“To be the benchmark in the national and international market, recognized as an innovative and high-tech company, establishing lasting partnerships with suppliers and customers in the sector.”

Respect for the environment
Customer Satisfaction
Technological evolution
Transparency and quality

Policy of Management of Quality.:

By improving the processes, Maian seeks to meet all the requirements applicable to its activity, aiming at the satisfaction of our customers.

We guarantee the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the quality management system through the provision of resources and continuous training of our employees.

  • 2007

    Inauguration of Maian

    After identifying in the Brazilian market a great need for quality chemicals, our founder decides to start activities in Tupiniquins lands and in 2007 only with an office and outsourced warehouse inaugurates Maian Import and Export of chemical Products

  • 2011


    In 2011, in order to better meet the growing demand for products by the market, Maian starts its own logistics operation

  • 2012

    Custom solutions

    Noting a need for new product development, in 2012 we began to develop and manufacture customized solutions in partnership with our customers

  • 2013


    After 2 years we no longer had as support all the demand demanded by the market and was in 2013 that came the need to expand our logistics operation

  • 2015

    Research Center

    2015 was the year of increasing our research and development center thanks to the growing market demand for customized solutions and with this we expanded our factory

  • 2016

    Natural Products

    Always seeking the best for all in 2016 we started to develop natural products aiming at the best quality of life and new solutions for old problems

  • 2017


    Thanks to our rigorous quality sector and always in search of new solutions in 2017 we start our exports to other markets