In-Cosmetics Paris 2019: Maian stands out in the Innovation Zone

Investing in cutting-edge technology has always been one of the pillars of Maian and is what makes our company relevant in the national and international scenario. The recognition of our efforts has arrived: we are featured in the Innovation Zone of In-Cosmetics Paris with the natural substitute for silicone SILIKE 91 PL, one of the most important events in the beauty business and that begins very soon, on April 2. Learn All about this great news!

About In-Cosmetics

The In-Cosmetics Group is one of the world’s largest references in the research and development sector focused on the cosmetic and personal care segment. To promote this area and introduce launches of raw materials, fragrances, equipment and other technologies, the group organizes events worldwide, including Latin America, North America and Asia, for example.

In-Cosmetics Paris

The most important version of this event is In-Cosmetics Global, which this year takes place in the city of Paris, the French capital, between April 2 and 4. Over the course of these three days, more than 800 companies worldwide will exhibit what is most innovative and show how they have contributed to the promotion of the beauty and personal care sector. Thus, together, these ventures that already stand out in the cosmetic market lay the foundations of what will become a trend in the area.

It Is an extremely important event for those who have the opportunity to become an exhibitor. So Much to make your product or service gain this visibility as to know other technologies and exchange experiences.

Innovation Zone

The Innovation Zone is one of the most popular and prestigious areas of the fair. Precisely for that, it will be an honor for Maian to be part of it, besides a great responsibility. As the name implies, in this area, exhibitors present everything that is most innovative. The products can be released at the event or be disclosed in the eight months preceding it, and may not be older than that.

Interativity at In-Cosmetics Paris

The Most interesting thing is that the Innovation Zone does not only propose a “simple” display of products and solutions, but rather more interactive presentations, with live demonstrations, formulation displays and other features that make it more attractive. Therefore, Maian will take this opportunity to showcase everything that makes our brand unique, bringing to the public the latest news from researchers in our laboratory.

Our focus will be to show how natural raw materials can replace chemicals in cosmetics formulations, without compromising on anything their quality and functionality. On the contrary, adding value to them, protecting the health of consumers and the environment. The great moment has Come to take our mission and the philosophy of the brand to an event of unparalleled magnitude and further broaden the presence and international respect that Maian has already conquered.

Keep an eye out for all the news about the fair! And, of course, enjoy this moment to get to know our range of cosmetics and learn more about Maian trajectory of success.