We have a research and data development laboratory and create differentiated and innovative products, in order to have access to customized solutions and all the novelties, sales of various regions of the world.
Meet Our Specialties!

Lanogreen is a vegetable substitute for lanolin, used in the formulation of cosmetic creams and emulsions

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Minoil VEG

Minoil is the substitute of mineral oil with wide compatibility with many products and different formulations

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Silicone de origem vegetal substituto do tradicional silicone para a formulação de produtos para a pele e cebelo

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Vegetable Vaseline

Natural Subistituto for Vaseline solid used for creams and cosmetic emulsions.

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Needing a custom solution?

We develop the solutions according to your needs, from a thorough analysis of our consultancy, will indicate solutions that deliver what your company needs. With an approved proposal, we move to the research stage, always aiming to find innovative solutions that meet their expectations.
We have a team focused on the implementation of the project, with an approved schedule with all those involved so that during the development is fulfilled all expectations. The use of quality techniques in all project development processes is valued to meet all customer demands ethically and effectively.
We work with focus on the outcome. Introducing assertive solutions thinking about all the stages of developing your customized solution, from understanding your needs to delivering the final product.
Bring your need, and the rest, we take care!