That title may have sounded somewhat incomprehensible to you. “Maian in-Cosmetics”, but what does that mean? Well, for you to understand we need to introduce these two actors in a very clear and straightforward way.

Maian is nothing more, nothing less than a company that is more than 40 years in the market, producing products geared to the area of food, cosmetics and sanitary ware.

In turn, in-cosmetics is a Latin American fair focused on the debate and the offer of products in the cosmetics area, which will happen in São Paulo this year during the month of September. Want to know more about Maian at in-Cosmetics? So be sure to check out our text below!

Learn more about Maian’s participation in in-Cosmetics.

As we have previously commented on Maian’s participation in in-Cosmetics is certain, and could not be different. It is a powerful and recognized brand in this sector, which offers a number of products that make a difference in the lives of those who breathe this type of business!

This Convention is an excellent opportunity to discuss more about what is offered and consumed today within this market, and Maian is certainly one of the pioneers when we are talking about products of natural order, which proposes to be more pure and free of Exaggerated refining processes or harmful substances to our organism!

Today is the new order in this area of business, after all: to seek to produce something that is really viable for the consumer, in economic terms, of course, but also in social terms, aiming at their welfare and the sustainability of the environment, not only the results Aesthetic and physical achievements from the use of this specific good!

Opportunities that can be reached at the fair

In-cosmetics intends to meet in September 2018 more than 4000 cosmetics manufacturers working throughout the Latin American continent, thus trying to discuss a number of costly issues for this market sector, for example…

  • Innovation in current technologies;
  • The change in the ingredients used;

In addition, the launches in the area are also exposed and of course, there is a chance to make Networking, which is always excellent in any business area, including cosmetics, it is obvious!

It is, therefore, a convention that will focus only on those who work in this business and in those who like to experience the novelties it offers, and if that is your case you absolutely can not miss this opportunity!

Make your free registration and come visit us at Stand G70!

In-Cosmetics is global

Before you think that in-Cosmetics happens only in Latin America know that it is not there. This convention takes place in several countries and continents, and among the main participants we can cite…

  • Asia;
  • Korea;
  • North America;

Em todos a sua ideia é sempre a mesma: unir fabricantes de cosméticos da região, afim de permitir o encontro de grandes marcas e trabalhadores do meio e claro, consumidores apaixonados que não querem esperar demais para ter acesso às maiores novidades!

This time will be in Sao Paulo and will occur between the 19th and 20th of September, so if you are interested you can not waste any more time, because it is time to seize this incredible opportunity!

Take advantage of Maian’s presence in in-Cosmetics to get to know our products and our news! We have a lot to offer and to show! You will love our bets for the season and will surely be captivate by our launches. Don’t miss the opportunity to know more about us! To get acquainted Click here